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Samsung Gear S sells well on Korean debut

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday November 11, 2014.

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Gear S
Gear S

The Samsung Gear S shifted 10,000 units during its first day on sale in South Korea, a decent amount for a smartwatch, although it is worth noting that the country is Samsung's home territory. The 3G modem packing, call making wearable was launched back at IFA in September but is only now making its debut with carriers and retailers around the world.

The timepiece landed on Korea's SK Telecom and KT and moved 10,000 examples. The Gear S also arrived on AT&T and Sprint last week, although no sales figures for the US market have been released, while Verizon and T-Mobile will start carrying the device soon.

Not hugely desirable like the Moto 360 maybe, but elegant and easy on the eye nonetheless, although at 2-inches it looks big on the wrist. Of course, it is what the Gear S can do that is arguably more important, and this is of course the first smartwatch that does not need a smartphone to function properly. Boasting a 3G modem and a nano SIM card, the Gear S is a fully working call making/taking, message sending, notification grabbing device in its own right.

If you have ever used a Samsung smartwatch before (aside from the Gear Live) then you will be on familiar ground here, as this runs Tizen like all the others. If you are unfamiliar with Tizen in this form than you needn't worry, the Gear S is extremely easy to use, and if anything that larger screen helps in swiping up or down to drag in the full menu of apps.

The big thing here is the ability to function as a solo product, so Samsung has made it easy to access emails and other info; a simple swipe from the left brings up messages, emails, and data from Samsung's S Health suite. Emailing is surprisingly elegant on such a small device, with messages displayed in full and a scrolling ability to see a conversation. As for replying to those messages and emails, a tiny onscreen QWERTY board allows you to do that. Sure, you won't be ploughing out 60 words per minute, but for this size the keyboard is snappy and works just enough to not be entirely annoying. Although, this is something only for emergencies because of that small board, so don?t plan on ditching your smartphone just yet.

The big calling card of the Samsung Gear S is that it makes and receives calls, sends and collects emails, messages, and other notifications. It does not need a smartphone connection to makes the most of its features, although a link to a phone is possible via Bluetooth 4.0 tethering.

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