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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 software on your Note 2

News by Luke Jones on Monday November 03, 2014.

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 is getting a little old now, in fact it has already been replaced by the Galaxy Note 3 and the brand new Galaxy Note 4. However, the Note 2 remains a potent device two years after its release and as it is the device the kicked the phablet trend into gear. Indeed, if you want a phablet then arguably only the Note 3, 4, and iPhone 6 Plus are better, and the Galaxy Note 2 just got more interesting thanks to a new software update.

A custom ROM based on Android 4.4.4 has been released by the Electron Team that also comes with a bunch of features from the Galaxy Note 4, essentially turning the Note 2 in to a light version of the flagship newbie. The new additions include Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM), the new Air Commands GUI (with Smart Select included), the Flipboard-exclusive leftmost screen, and much more. The rest, like the UI and stock Samsung apps like the Clock, Dialer, Messaging, and others, all have the new Note 4 overlay and match the look of the newer UI.

As this is not official and is a custom job, you should only be coming into this if you are an enthusiast or are particularly desperate to bring some Note 4 action to your Galaxy Note 2. Your device will need to be rooted, flash a different bootloader, and backup. You can then flash the new patch through a custom recovery, but hey even if that seems complicated someone with some experience should be able to nail it.

Check out the full features:

Note 4 Air Command (new features)

Note 4 S Note with Action Memo

Note 4 Smart Select

Note 4 Image Clip

Note 4 Scrapbook

Note 4 S Finder

Note 4 Quick Connect

Note 4 Multiwindow

Note 4 Recent Apps

Note 4 Direct Pen Input

Note 4 Side Key Panel

Note 4 Resize Windows from corners (new Pen Window)

Note 4 Power Saving Mode

Note 4 Ultra Power Saving Mode

Note 4 Settings and UI

Galaxy Note 4 Launcher and Accuweather

Galaxy Note 4 Contacts app

Galaxy Note 4 Phone app with N4 feature incoming call popup notification, resize window during calls feature and call recording feature

Galaxy Note Messaging app with N4 feature SMS pop-up notification

Galaxy Note 4 lockscreen with charging effects and new lockscreen effects (only Abstract Mozaic don't work)

Galaxy Note 4 Music Player

Galaxy Note 4 Video Player

Galaxy Note 4 Internet Browser

Galaxy Note 4 Gallery with SStudio

Galaxy Note 4 S Voice with new pop-up features

Galaxy Note 4 S Planner, Email, Keyboard, Clock, My Files, Calculator

Galaxy Note 4 Story Album

Galaxy Note 4 Photo Note

Possible to use the same app in both multiwindows

Many more things that we might forget... see it yourself today.

source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2504016

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