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HP MB Chronowing is a high end smartwatch

News by Luke Jones on Monday November 03, 2014.

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HP has entered the smartwatch market with a pretty big splash today, raising the curtain on a new wearable designed by Michael Bastian, the Chronowing. Pulling a renowned American fashion designer in for the device probably tells you what HP's goals are. While most smartwatches are trying to marry design over function, HP's effort seems to put the former before that latter.

That does not mean the HP smartwatch is light on features, but it is not as well equipped as many rivals. We'll get to that shortly as the only place to start with this product is with its looks as the HP device is utterly gorgeous. Plenty have bemoaned the fact that smartwatches do not look like watches (I personally find this a non-argument, why does a smartphone not look like a phone booth?) and HP has taken that complaint on board and made this, well, a watch.

The Chronowing is the most watch like smartwatch today and aesthetically makes the Moto 360 look like a fairground toy. This is the new design reference point and probably points the way to the future of wrist wearables as a whole. The high grade stainless steel body looks well machined, while there are number of straps aside from the brown leather you see above. There is even a limited edition version with black steel, an alligator strap, and sapphire glass, limited to a 300 unit run costing $649.

As this is a tech website we should probably get down to the nitty gritty of the hardware. The MB Chronowing lacks a lot of the features of smartwatches we have become used to, and that may be a compromise for having such a good design. Lacking Android Wear and being more open to platforms, the Chronowing will still pull incoming texts, calls and emails, while music controls, calendar syncs and a stop watch are all on board.

However, while Android Wear and other smartwatches are trying to be all-round fitness devices, the MB Chronowing lacks any fitness tracking tools, but the upshot is 7 days of battery. Obviously, if fitness features are important then this is a deal breaker, but for the rest it is an extremely enticing device. HP even says it will be adding more features as time goes by, including more watch faces for the touch screen.

The HP MB Chronowing is available right now for $349, compatible with iOS and devices running Android 4.3 Jelly bean and higher.

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