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Apple Watch for Spring? Maybe Sooner

News by Luke Jones on Monday November 03, 2014.

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When Apple launched the Apple Watch back at the start of September, the company announced that the device would not be available until 2015. That is a lot of waiting for a product that was dangled so enticingly in our faces, but Apple Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts has now put a more concrete time on when the smartwatch will land. She said in a video message to employees that the device will be arriving in spring next year.

When the wearable was launched there was a looming question, "Why did Apple launch the Apple Watch now, but will not release it until next year?" There are two reasons, firstly the Apple Watch was not ready for launch so it had to land in 2015, while Apple did not want to fall behind in the wearable market, but announcing its presence the company knew millions would hold off buying a smartwatch and wait for the Cupertino product. Apple is also committed to launching products in the fall, so the Apple Watch had to fall into that scheduling.

However, waiting between September and spring, six months later, seems a bit of a stretch. That's especially the case when we consider the fact that the device Tim Cook and other Apple executives have worn looked finished. It seems fanciful that the device launched in September was a full half year away from being complete, so it seems that Ahrendts is not saying the full story.

There are reports today that the Apple Watch may be launched in late January or early February of 2015, but the roll out will be staggered. There are three versions of the Apple Watch and it is thought the company will roll out the Sport variant first before finally getting to the more premium fashion conscience versions later.

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