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Samsung launches the Galaxy A3 and A5

News by Luke Jones on Friday October 31, 2014.

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Samsung has just rolled out two new smartphones, the Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5, a couple of handsets that the company says are the thinnest smartphones it has ever made (more on that in a moment). These handsets have been much rumoured over the last two months and were inspired by the all-metal Galaxy Alpha, a spin-off of sorts to a full range of smartphones.

So, the Korean company says are its thinnest ever devices, and at 6.7mm for the A5 and 6.3mm for the A3, they are thin, although the Alpha has similar dimensions as well. In a week when Oppo released a 4.8mm smartphone, bragging about thinness is probably not worth it, but with a unibody metal construction, the Galaxy A devices will certainly look the part in your hand.

Samsung is finally waking up to the fact that it needs to offer quality and affordability in its devices if it is to halt its recent slide. The Alpha started it all, brining premium materials to the company, but that is a woefully overpriced handset, so whole Samsung is learning the company still isn't pricing the market correctly. Hopefully the A Series can change that, but Sammy has yet to confirm prices.

Samsung is angling these devices to the social network conscious and in the PR blurb for the handsets the company talks up the 4G connectivity and features such as a GIF maker. There is also said to be a Galaxy A7 in the works, but so far that device remains under wraps, but expect it to arrive shortly.

The Galaxy A5 is probably going to be the device most people opt for in the range, it gets a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 720p resolution, a 1.2Ghz quad core processor. The A3 is a baby version packing a more modest 4.5-inch qHD Super AMOLED with the same chipset, while both devices get an 8 megapixel rear camera and selfie oriented 5 megapixel lens on the front.

Nothing terribly exciting in the specs department then, so when Samsung launches these in China next month the pricing will have to be spot on. As for a roll out in other markets, Samsung has not confirmed anything, but our hunch is that the upcoming Galaxy A7 will be a widely released smartphone with the A5 and A3 will be reserved for select markets.

source: Samsung

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