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Apple loses US market share despite record sales

News by Luke Jones on Thursday October 30, 2014.

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Apple operates in a unique way inside the smartphone market and that has been proven as the company's market share fell in the United States during September, but iPhone sales broke records. Over 39 million iPhone units sold through the last quarter helped Apple to bumper financial results while the company's shares have been trading at all-time highs.

However, market share for iOS devices fell by 3.3% to 32.6% through the month according to Kantar World Panel, who compiles the monthly breakdown. Apple also lost ground in Japan, losing 15% of market share, but in almost every other major market (China, Brazil, European Five nations, and Australia) iOS universally grew.

Despite Apple's share declining 3 percentage points in the three months ending in September, compared with the same period last year, it is clear that demand for the iPhone 6 has been very healthy," Kantar wrote.

Our latest data covers the first few days of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus being available in Europe and it is clear that demand has been high for the eagerly awaited new models," Kantar's strategic insight director Dominic Sunnebo said. "In Great Britain, where the new iPhone models started shipping on 19 September, Apple saw its sales share up by 1.7% compared with the same period last year, taking share of iOS to 31%. Across the major European markets, where the new iPhone models were made available between the 19 and 26 September, initial sales of the new iPhone models have overwhelmingly been from existing iPhone owners (87%).

Apple has also experienced market share and volume increases across all major European markets, as well as in China and Australia, in part thanks to the launch of its new handsets. Across Europe's top five markets, the iPhone 6 has outsold the larger iPhone 6 Plus by five-to-one," he added.

However, it is increasingly clear that Cupertino does not care much about market share. CEO Tim Cook has continuously said that Apple is more interested in making the best product and it reaching as many people. The company sells hundreds of millions of iOS devices every year, so as long as those sales figures remain astronomical the company is unlikely to be worried about market share.

Market share is more important for Android though and Google's platform is riding high in all markets again. The OS grew market share in every key region, and that 15% Apple lost in Japan went to Android, with a 14.5 percent rise in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Windows Phone has rocky September with the platform slipping in every major region except for Japan, but even there the rise was only by 0.2%. Microsoft will be trouble by those numbers, and while the platform does okay in emerging markets, in mature regions the lack of choice at flagship and mid-range level is clearly hurting growth.

source: Kantar

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