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True cost of Verizon device trials

News by Luke Jones on Thursday October 30, 2014.

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Ever wanted to take advantage of a trial period? These carrier deals let you test a device and network for a limited amount of time before deciding whether to jump on board and buy the handset or join the carrier. Sounds like a pretty good deal doesn't it, but a MobileBurn investigation shows that it is actually a very costly thing to do; so much for a free trial.

Our man Kevin Everett conducted the test with Verizon, the largest carrier in the United States. Let's break down the "deal".

Firstly, there is a $35 charge to send the handset back if you decide not to purchase it after the trial.

Even though you are only trialling the network, you have to pay a $35 activation fee that is non-refundable whether you decide to purchase or not. We asked about this to make sure and Verizon confirmed.

You will then have to pay 12 days on whatever plan you go with, in the investigation it was $24 for 12 days on a $60 plan. The cost may be different for you.

Oh yes, you will also have to add taxes and fees to that service plan. Yep, even that 24 bucks was taxable and came to $12.55 for the 12 days.

The total cost of Kevin's 12 day trial period was $106.55, which tallies to $8.88 per day.

So, do you feel like spending eight of your hard earned dollars per day on a device and service you may not even keep? Though not. We contacted Verizon and found that Big Red was pretty unrepentant over this whole thing. The company passed off the fees by saying all carriers charge the same amount so it was just an industry standard. A fairly shoddy standard we thought so we said to Verizon we would be running the story, they said that was fine.

What do you think about this readers, fair deal or rip off?

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