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Blackberry Passport is all yours for $1800

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday October 29, 2014.

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With a bit of careful strategic management, a very good device, and some renewed buzz, Blackberry seems to have a hit on its hands with the Passport, the company's newest (all square) smartphone. Getting hold of a Passport is impossible at the moment as they have sold out, but if you are willing to go to the excesses you can pick one up on eBay.

The huge demand for the Passport and the lack of units available has made them pretty sought after, with one device selling for $1800 on eBay. Like many, I am interested in picking up the Passport, but I am not willing to pay nearly two grand to get it. Madness, and I should remind people that the Passport shop is not closed for good, there are more units coming. My advice would be to save yourself the near $1500 and wait for the next round of stock.

A mixture of market cleverness and caution has played into Blackberry's hands. The company knew there was buzz about the Passport pre-launch, yet only ordered 200,000 units that sold out within a day. CEO John Chen said recently at MIT Enterprise Forum in Hong Kong, "I'm glad to have inventory issues. It shows that people want the phone... We took a very conservative approach and didn't order too many."

I think the company was a bit more knowing than that. Market analysis would have shown that the Passport was almost certain to shift 200,000 units and more, but rather than have an initial buzz and then fade away, Blackberry decided to keep people interested by limiting stock. Expect this to continue for the next month or two as the company looks to generate more heat around its new device.

Were you one of the lucky people to get the Passport at launch? If so, how is the device for you?

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