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Vivo working on bonkers 3.8mm smartphone

Rumors by Luke Jones on Wednesday October 29, 2014.

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Oppo announced the R5 today, the thinnest smartphone in the world. However, that is an accolade the device will only be keeping for a short time as reports today suggest Vivo is working on a handset that will be even thinner, measuring in at just 3.8mm.

To back up the claim, an image was posted to Chinese social network Weibo that shows the handset laying on top of an Apple iPhone 5s. That is of course Cupertino's 2013 flagship that sat at 7.6mm thick, and while the iPhone 6 is thinner, it would also look huge next to this new Vivo device. It seems like this product is metal, so at the very least it is going to be a startling physical statement that will probably look quite unlike anything else on a market.

The technical aspects are another matter. The 4.8mm Oppo R5 rolled out today and other "world's thinnest smartphones" have had to make sacrifices to get that title. The normal compromise is battery life, and the small 2,000 mAh juicer in the R5 proves that, while high end specs are almost out of the question. At most Vivo's ultra-thin device will be a mid-range handset and nothing more.

What about durability? Apple's 6mm + iPhone 6 has gone through the Bendgate saga and I can't imagine a 3.8mm device holding up too well to a bit of forceful scrutiny. Would you want a 3.8mm handset, or do you prefer your smartphones to have a bit more physical substance to them?

source: Weibo

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