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Google to name Sundar Pichai VP of all core products

News by Luke Jones on Saturday October 25, 2014.

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Google has undergone a major shakeup as CEO Larry Page has reportedly handed the reins of most of the company's products over to Sundar Pichai. As the SVP of Android, Chrome, and Apps, Pichai is already heading up some of Google's core products, but Page is willing to give him control of the company.

Page will stay on as CEO but is eager to take a back seat and concentrate on the inner workings of the company at a business level. The move also shows where Google thinks the core of its business is, with Android and Chrome set to become the core products of the company. Re/Code says that Pichai will take care of all core Google products from now on, although Page will remain in charge of video website YouTube.

With all core products being names, I presume that means Google Search, Maps, and Gmail, as well as numerous other services such as Drive. Page is apparently concerned that the company will lose its innovation as it ages, so he is moving into the background to control future projects such as Nest, Google X, and Calico biotech division.

While this news may lead to some thinking Pichai is now all but guaranteed to get the Google top job at some point, which is not necessarily true. He is highly considered in the company, but it is being argued that Google knows his true value is as a VP of products. Either way, he has just become arguably the most important man at Mountain View.

source: RE/Code

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