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Tim Cook Defends iPad Amid Declining Sales

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday October 21, 2014.

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Apple posted some stellar fourth quarter results yesterday, but there was one blot on the earnings call, the iPad. In fact, Cupertino?s slate has been a problem (and a declining business for some time now, but Apple CEO Tim Cook remains bullish about the iPad's future prospects and its position in the market.

Sales of the iPad range fell by 12.5% year on year and just over 12 million units were sold, the third consecutive quarter in which sales have fallen. However, Cook remains upbeat and says Apple is looking beyond the near future and even beyond quarterly performance and he sees the iPad growing down the line.

The CEO claims the iPad "has a great future" and he argues that the quarterly numbers mask how much the iPad as actually declined, which is a much more manageable 4% over the last year. Cook also thinks that theories that the tablet market has reached saturation is also not true, stating:

If you look at our top six revenue countries [...] the range [of first-time buyers] goes from 50% to over 70% [...] that?s not a saturated market.

Another thing often levelled at slates is that consumers are unwilling to upgrade tablets as they are smartphones, but Cook thinks it is too early to judge that. There is almost certainly less desire to bump tablets in the consumer base in my opinion, but even if consumers do decline Cook says the enterprise area is still largely unexplored and Apple's recent union with IBA will mean that the iPad will eventually get back to growth.

Over the long arc of time, my own judgment is that iPad has a great future. How the individual 90-day clicks work out, I don't know. But I'm very bullish on where we can take iPad over time.

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