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Microsoft smartwatch ready for launch

News by Luke Jones on Monday October 20, 2014.

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Previous Microsoft smartwatch patent
Previous Microsoft smartwatch patent

Microsoft's arrival in the wearable market has been rumoured for some time and now that just about every mobile rival has at least detailed its plans, now seems as good a time as any. We have seen several reports regarding a Redmond built smartwatch, but the general consensus seems to be that it will not really be a smartwatch, but a fitness band instead.

I have never been personally sure about that assumption. Sure, it would make a lot of sense for Microsoft to try and differentiate itself from what is becoming an overcrowded space, especially with Apple set to enter the market "early 2015" with the Apple Watch. However, a fitness band seems too niche and unlikely to make Microsoft a major player in the wearable market any time soon.

However, more imperative is that the company signals its intentions with smartwatches, because the software giant has missed the boat with a number of trends over the years and can ill afford to continue to do so. Forbes has said today that Microsoft will be launching its own wearable in the near future, possibly recognizing that now is the time to join the market.

According to the report, Microsoft will ready its smartwatch (Surface Watch anyone?) and wants to release it before the Holiday Season to capitalize on the consumer rush. That would also put the product in stores and on wrists before Apple joins the party and undoubtedly becomes the big smartwatch seller.

The Microsoft effort will have some of the standard smartwatch practises we have come to expect, such as a heart rate tracker and other fitness oriented features. I doubt the company will reinvent the wheel here and I expect this to be much of the same in terms of design and functionality. However, there are hints that Microsoft has made a breakthrough in one area of wearable products.

Forbes says that the company's smartwatch will be good for two days of battery life, which would be better than most rivals in the real world. In the past, adding battery power means compromising some features, so I hope Microsoft has found a way to keep battery life high while maintaining some core features. Of course, needing to charge a watch at all is hardly great, but necessary evils and all that.

source: Forbes

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