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There are now 56 iPad variations across six products

News by admin on Monday October 20, 2014.

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There is often an argument by Apple fans that the company they love has this massive success (it does) and on a device per device basis it destroys anything on Android in terms of sales (it does). They say that iPad is taking the fight to hundreds of companies with just one device, the iPhone or the iPad for example.

The semantics of this can be tossed around, but the fact is that Apple does not make one device, and in fact when looking at the iPad, there are now 56 different versions. So, that's 56 iPads against the hundreds on Android and Windows. Okay, I get it Apple fans, if we counted the variations of those Android slates we would be left with thousands. The general point is though, if you want an iPad these days, you have a massive choice of what to get.

Last week Cupertino rolled out two new iPads, the re-worked iPad Air 2 and the "new" only in name iPad Mini 3. However, they are not the only game in town, and even if they were there are multiple choices of those devices depending on storage and connectivity. The iPad range now goes from $249 (the original iPad Mini) right up to $829 for the LTE 128GB iPad Air 2, and everything in between amounts to 56 products.

As Forbes points out, there are now two form factors to choose from, four potential memory options (depending on product), three colors, two connectivity options, and even a choice as to whether you want a fingerprint scanner of not. It is worth noting that through all those options there are now six separate iPad products: iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2.

So, which iPad is for you?

source: Forbes

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