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LG Increases Android Coverage in US

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday October 15, 2014.

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The LG G3 propelled the Korean company to the top piled of smartphone manufacturers, but some people still think it is the sole reason LG made it to the dance. In fact, the company had been building up a head of steam for nearly two years, improving its flagship offerings and trying to be interesting at the budget and mid-range price points. The company is getting its rewards for the hard work it seems as its smartphone sales have soared over the last quarter.

However, while most reports are focusing on LG's current success, I am much more interested in exploring whether the company can maintain it. Let's start with the facts and LG's current rise through the smartphone world. The company has increased its presence on the Android platform through the third quarter and accounted for 10.4% of Android smartphone traffic in North America, according to Chitika.

That is a hike from the 8.7% LG took in the second quarter, which in itself was an improvement. The interesting thing about the data is that LG is not taking traffic and in turn sales from its Korean rival Samsung. In other regions of the world, Samsung has taken significant hits from LG, but mostly Chinese companies, but in the US the company's grip stays firm.

Chitika says Sammy took 56.4% of traffic through the period, so it is clear that LG is stealing market share from other companies in North America. That means the likes of HTC and Motorola have lost ground to the Korean invasion, but the question is can LG maintain its growing status. The company may have been building up to this success, but it was the G3 and to a lesser extent the Google Nexus 5 that tipped them over the edge.

However, if the company is going to maintain its growing position in the market and continue to take the fight to Samsung on a global scale, it will have to change some policies. For a start, it is worth noting that LG no longer works with Google on the Nexus range, so the company will lose the sales boost of those handsets in the future.

However, LG's biggest problem will be how it supports its smartphones in the future, and the G3 is a good example to emphasise this point. Released in June, the G3 is a formidable cocktail of good looks, market leading specs, and easy to use software; it is arguably the best flagship on the market. However, LG has left the device ignored and has not updated it at all since launching the handset and has left it languishing on Android 4.4.2 while all of the rival flagships have updated to Android 4.4.3 and Android 4.4.4. What's more, LG has yet to offer details as to when the G3 will get bumped to Android L when it is launched this week.

source: Chitika

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