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Xiaomi says Jony Ive should test its device amid accusations of copying

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday October 14, 2014.

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Apple has unsurprisingly taken a hard stance against companies who copy their devices and Cupertino's chief designer Jony Ive has been particularly vocal on the matter. When we think of knock off devices we think of cheap Chinese offerings from nondescript brands; sure, Apple has accused Samsung of copying, but we do not associate this kind of thing with a major tech brand.

I suppose it depends how you see this one, but take a look at the image above and you will see some tablets that look an awful lot like the iPad. Those devices are made by Chinese company Xiaomi, which is like it or not now a major mobile brand. You may not see it like that, but the company is the third biggest selling smartphone manufacturer this year (behind Samsung and Apple). The company has built its success by offering well-made devices that are affordable, although they do happen to look like other products on the market.

If you take a look at the Mi 3 smartphone, it is a mix of several others (Sony and Nokia maybe), while the Redmi Note looks like an iPhone and the Mi Pad (above) looks very much like an iPad. Ive, speaking to Vanity Fair said, "I think it's really straightforward: it really is theft, and it's lazy and I don't think it's OK at all." Xiaomi CEO Lim Bin spoke to a Chinese news outlet and challenged Ive to use one of his company's devices before here makes a true judgement.

Xiaomi is a very open company, which would never force anyone to use its products. However, one can only judge Xiaomi's gadgets after he or she has used them," Lin said. "I'm very willing to give a Xiaomi cell phone to him as a present, and I look forward to hearing his remarks after he uses it.

Considering Ive never specifically mentioned Xiaomi, we could probably take this is a subtle confession from the company that it does copy Apple and other companies. There is probably no doubt that the Chinese brand makes a solid piece of hardware, but I doubt Jony Ive toting one around for a few weeks would suddenly make him see the light.

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