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Samsung could be readying new smartphone UI... goodbye TouchWiz?

News by Luke Jones on Saturday October 11, 2014.

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You may think that as the biggest Android vendor, Samsung is the voice of the platform and shows us exactly what Android is all about. However, that is not actually the case because most Android fans dislike Samsung's TouchWiz Android UI, while others outright hate it. Even some Samsung fans admit it has its considerable flaws.

To the true Android enthusiast, TouchWiz is a blot on the ecosystem, an elephant in room, the awful song on an album of perfection. The reason for this is that TouchWiz is actually a bit of a performance drag and while some may say it is good looking, it is a beast of burden. Samsung at the high end rams its devices full of the latest specs, but the truth is many Sammy flagships suffer from lag. Yes, I can already imagine the fan boy responses to this, but it?s the truth, and it is because of TouchWiz.

It has got to the stage where the Android skin is a point of ridicule, while Samsung's bloatware is another equally enraging topic. And you know what, before I get the accusations of "try a Samsung for yourself," I had the Galaxy S4 for six months and it was a joy. Although, I should probably point out that it was the Google Play Edition that comes without the hindrance of TouchWiz. The Korean company has been taking it from all sides this year, with sales and profits declining, however software has been overlooked. LG's simple UI on the G3 and other smooth Android experiences are putting emphasis on Samsung to tone down its own UI into something more performance and user friendly.

Samsung must be paying attention to the general feeling regarding TouchWiz, so it will be exciting to see what the company delivers when it revamps the software in the near future. A leaked concept image shows that Samsung may have a new UI in development called Iconic UX and it maybe a simpler affair that TouchWiz.

source: PhoneArena

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