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Samsung starts Samsung 360 Services for Business

News by admin on Wednesday October 08, 2014.

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Apple and IBM struck a partnership earlier this year that is thought will have wide reaching effects in the business world and will put the two at the forefront of enterprise. Nothing has actually happened yet, but that's the general thinking. So, how do you combat two of the biggest players in the tech industry? Well, if you're Samsung you hit back.

However, the Korean company is not teaming up with another big name partner and will fight the Apple and IBM juggernaut on its own. Samsung unveiled a new venture called Samsung 360 Services for Business, a special division that will focus on supporting the company's enterprise customers using Samsung business products such as smartphones, computers, and more.

This is slightly different from Apple and IBM's plans to sell Apple products to business, but then the plans of that merger have not yet been detailed in full. Robin Bienfait, chief enterprise innovation officer for Samsung Electronics, told CNET. "(Businesses are) looking for somebody who can come to the table and bring expertise in different areas and [be] that one partner they can work with" and not just "one partner that?s just going to come in there and say, hey, for this to work, you need all of my stuff."

Samsung is taking this seriously too, deploying 10,000 employees to push devices, helping businesses, and developing products. Who knows if this will be a success, but the company is not going to let Apple have the space all to itself it seems, while Samsung also now has to regard Blackberry as an enterprise competitor.

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