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Apple to sell 200 million iPhone 6 units in 2015?

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday October 07, 2014.

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iPhone 6
iPhone 6

Apple?s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been selling well. Actually, that's an understatement as they have been breaking records and are set to go through the roof again when launched in China and India later this month. However, how well Apple's flagship device does through a launch period is only part of the story as the iPhone has always had fantastic staying power. The iPhone 6 could take that to another level.

Digitimes has cited sources that say Apple has ordered a whopping 250 million mobile chips for 2015, 40 million of which will go to the Apple Watch and the remainder to the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Component purchases are often a good indicator of how many units a company plans to sell of any given product as they typically do not like to overstock and waste inventory.

That means Apple plans to shift at least most of those 200 million + units through the course of next year, while it is also planning for 40 million Apple Watch sales. These numbers would be truly staggering, and while it is unlikely exactly that amount would sell, even an 80% yield would be very big news indeed. Previous iPhones certainly stay at the top of best seller lists throughout their lifetime, so it is reasonable to presume the iPhone 6 will continue to sell well.

My own source says that the 200 million mobile chips booked actually includes the order for 2014, the launch period. For the three months running up to the New Year, Apple is thought to have ordered between 50 and 80 million chips for this launch period. Even if the figure includes 2014 and 2015 it is still a phenomenal figure.

However, while the iPhone 6 is grabbing all the headlines, the amount of chips ordered for the Apple Watch is mind blowing. No smartwatch is thought to have sold much more than a million, while the industry as a whole only shifted 7 million units through the first half of 2014. Even if Apple sold 3 million units, in smartwatch terms its wearable would be a huge success, but 40 million would make it a sensation and the industry defining product some think it is (I'm not one of those people).

Cupertino must be confident of selling at least a large percentage of that 40 million number, so I think it is safe to assume that the Apple Watch will be a success.

source: Digitimes

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