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iOS 8 adoption lags behind iOS 7 and iOS 6

News by Luke Jones on Monday October 06, 2014.

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We reported a few weeks ago that through the first 24 hours iOS 8 adoption was lagging behind that of iOS 7 a year ago, and it seems that is still the case a few weeks in. Analytics firm Fisku says that twelve days after release iOS 8 is lagging behind both iOS 6 and iOS 7 adoption rates, although independent analysts put the number above Fisku's figures but still falling short of iOS 7.

While iOS 8 is still putting rival ecosystems to shame, such as Android and Windows Phone, it seems to be less popular than iOS 7 and 6 initially. Both of those operating systems had easily passed the 50% market, while iOS 8 is still not up to 40% adoption after twelve days. Other predictions say that it is actually closer to 50% than that but still trails its predecessors.

It is not all doom and gloom though as iOS 8 is still likely to surge over the year and claim most people's iOS experience, even if it does take longer. You would have to go back to iOS 5 to see a slower moving version of Apple's mobile platform, although those days you needed to hook up to iTunes to pull the update.

Apple?s last official information on the matter came on September 21st when the company said that 46% of all users visiting the App Store were running iOS 8. Of course, that is hardly a definitive account of how many actually have downloaded the latest version. The only thing left is to ask why iOS 8 adoption is lower.

Apple has built iOS 8 as the most drastic overhaul of the platform ever and has added more and more functionality that borrows some of Android's trick. However, iOS 7 ushered in a new design and perhaps to the average user they considered that the big overhaul that iOS 8 actually is, so were quicker to download it.

source: Fisku

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