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UPDATE: 4 million "reserve" the iPhone 6 in China

News by Luke Jones on Friday October 03, 2014.

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iPhone 6
iPhone 6

UPDATE: New figures have now emerged that put the reservation number at 4 million and it is still growing. This means China is well on course to beat the pre-order figures the iPhone enjoyed in nine launch countries, and who knows how many will sell when the hard launch occurs on October 17th.

There are some out there who believe Apple could release anything and it would be a hit. The company has been under the microscope over the last week because of the "bendgate" saga where iPhone 6 devices were breaking under a bit of stress. That, you may have thought, would slow up the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on their quest for global domination, but it hasn't. In fact things just get better as China is entering the fray and consumers in the country do not seem put off in the least.

Carriers in China have received over 2 million reservations for either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The devices do not become available for pre-order until October 10th, so these are just people signalling their intentions to buy this early. I imagine that figure could even get higher when the pre-order doors open and it will increase again when the new smartphones get a hard launch in China on October 17th.

So, how much could China add to Apple's already stellar iPhone 6 sales? Well, over the first 24 hours in nine countries (the US and UK includes) there were 5 million pre-order sales. China it seems will definitely pass 2 million and could go much higher, maybe even getting close to that 5 million figure. After its hard launch, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus moved 10 million units in three days, but China could actually go past halfway that amount.

I imagine Cupertino is feeling pretty good about its bottom line right about now, just do not mention bending iPhones.

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