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Steve Jobs was Eric Schmidt's tech hero

News by Luke Jones on Friday October 03, 2014.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been on a tour promoting his new book "How Google Works" and the result has been plenty of interesting sound bites. The latest may be the most surprising as Schmidt has said that late Apple genius Steve Jobs is his hero in the tech industry.

Apple and Google do not see eye to eye on many things, and recently Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Google was the company's biggest competitor because of the Android ecosystem. That is not all Cook said in a recent sit down with Charlie Rose for PBS as he not so subtly said that Google was in the business of getting user data while Apple is not. Cook has also laid into Android's admittedly dubious security recently too and Schmidt has taken the time to respond to that on his tour.

Someone didn't brief him correctly on Google's policies," Schmidt declared. "It's unfortunate for him. In the first place, in Google's case, we have always been the leader in security and encryption. Our systems are far more secure and encrypted than anyone else, including Apple. They're catching up, which is great.

However, while the companies are often at loggerheads and have been for years, even during the Jobs era, Schmidt and the influential Apple leader were friends. Speaking Thursday night during a promotional event for his new book Schmidt was asked who his heroes from the tech industry are, and his reply was swift and emphatic.

"For me, it's easy. Steve Jobs," he imparted to the crowd at the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley. "We could all aspire to be a small percentage of Steve... Exceptional people are worth hanging out with," Schmidt finished. "Because there is a good chance they are going to change the world."

Steve Jobs once invited Schmidt to sit on the board at Cupertino, but sensing the rise of Google in the mobile space the Mountain View CEO declined the offer.

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