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iPhone 5c sales remain strong, tops UK in August

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday October 01, 2014.

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iPhone 5c
iPhone 5c

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may be stealing all the headlines from just about every other device, but the old iPhones are not doing too badly either. That even includes the often ridiculed iPhone 5c from last year, or as some others consider it, the plastic one. However, the 5c has been a proper success and it normally gets close to the top of best seller lists, such as in the UK where it has been the best-selling handset in August.

It is worth remembering that in most major markets and around the world as a whole, a top selling smartphone lists usually looks something like this:

1. iPhone 5s

2. Samsung Galaxy S5

3. iPhone 5c

However, in the UK in August the iPhone 5c was more desirable than the iPhone 5s and every single Samsung device. Kantar World Panel said:

The iPhone 5c was the best-selling phone in Britain in August with 8.9% share, outselling the flagship iPhone 5s with 7.6% and the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 6.0%.

The iPhone 5s obviously declined because people were simply waiting for the iPhone 6, Apple?s new flagship, to arrive. This is normal and has happened every year in the month leading up to a new iPhone, but the 5c gives Apple another option. As the more "affordable" iPhone, those wanting to buy one probably never had their eye on the iPhone 6 anyway, so they see no reason to hold off for the new flagship.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 continues to be a sales force, but it still cannot match up to the older iPhone models and will likely struggle more in the coming months when the iPhone 6 takes hold, and of course Samsung's own Galaxy Note 4. In terms of individual sales though, it still seems as though Apple is the company to beat.

source: Kantar World Panel

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