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Apple to offer a gold colored iPad

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday October 01, 2014.

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I suppose we can look back on the Apple iPhone 5s and see it as an innovative device. It arrived with a 64-bit processer, something Android is still yet to do consistently and it also featured a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, tech that rivals have not quite matched in terms of quality. Oh yes, the iPhone 6 also came in a gold hue, a color that has been copied by just about every major rival since. It is a small innovation, but hey, Apple started the gold trend people.

I wish they hadn't because I am not particularly fond of the gold look, it's too bling for my taste, although millions of people seem to disagree with me. Cupertino obviously shifted enough gold iPhone units (the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus also come in gold) and will now make one of its other products gold too. Don't worry it is not a gold Mac Pro, instead Apple is reportedly going to offer the next iPad with a gold rear plate.

Bloomberg cites sources who say that a new 9.7-inch iPad (probably the Air 2) will arrive and one of the color options will be gold. Exciting stuff, but I really hope Apple has some other new things to offer on the iPad instead of just gold. Luckily, it seems the company is going to bring Touch ID to the new iPad range and the new A8 processer too, while there are also rumors of a larger iPad Pro getting a showing this year.

So, a gold iPhone may be one thing, but would you get a gold iPad?

source: Bloomberg

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