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Pebble cuts prices of smartwatches by $50

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday September 30, 2014.

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When the Pebble smartwatch launched it was one of the only devices of its kind in town, and it was quickly on its way to record breaking Kickstarter backing. However, the smartwatch world has got a lot more crowded of late with most major mobile brands throwing their weight into the wearable market. Pebble's little unit seems a little archaic next to those new machines, even if the rivals are hardly functional powerhouses themselves. The company's response has been to slash the prices of its devices while also adding a new update.

This sort of move usually suggests things are not going well, but Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky insists that the device is still selling well and that the ecosystem is getting bigger. So, sales are not declining, but Migicovsky said that the company is just offering the smartwatches at a fairer price and in reflection to the increased competition. Fair enough.

Pebble smartwatches offer a sort of simple, back to basics retro feel, and they just got a bit more enticing with a significant $50 price drop. The original Pebble (above, right) has decreased from $150 to just $100 and is now firmly in impulse buy territory and is close to being a bargain at that price. This is always the Pebble I recommend to people because of its cost anyway, so now it is even more desirable. The Pebble Steel (above, left) is another matter though. That too has had a $50 price cut, falling from $250 to $200. This is a good looking piece of kit, but even at $200 it is a pricey option considering the Android Wear rivals that are available for around the same amount of cash.

Pebble is also offering a new software update that aims to take advantage of the health and fitness crowd, a demographic that most manufacturers are attempting to appeal to. The company's previous software prevented the watch and fitness tracker from running at the same time, meaning you could not do things like track steps and distances without running the app instead of the watch.

The new update fixes the problem and give the device the ability to do all of those fitness tracking things while hiding away behind the watch.

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