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Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users

News by Luke Jones on Monday September 29, 2014.

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Yes, we are a mobile oriented website, but we are breaking from our remit a bit to talk about Windows 9. That?s simply because versions of Microsoft's desktop operating system these days are the ones that are likely to be uniform across the mobile space too. With that in mind, when Windows 9 lands we can safely assume that a version of it will arrive on tablets and smartphones in due course.

So much so that Microsoft is even going to drop the "Phone" from Windows Phone and unify the platform entirely with a main Windows PC OS and a united Windows RT/Phone platform on mobile. According to some reports, Microsoft is eager to roll out the successor to Windows 8 as the balancing PC market has not recovered because of Windows sales, but because of Mac and Chromebook.

"U.S. consumer retail PC sales grew almost 3 percent during the 10 week Back-to-School period (week of July 4th through Labor Day week) after declining by 2.5 percent in the previous year," writes NPD. "Apple and Chrome OS led the sales drive with Chrome OS unit sales increasing 37 percent over 2013 and Mac OS-based products up 14 percent. Windows devices declined 3 percent."

Microsoft is easily still the biggest computing platform in the world, but Microsoft wants to reinforce its position and give Windows a new lease of life. Windows 8 failed to do that and even through the vast improvement of Windows 8.1 has only been met with a moderately warm reception. An Indonesian website has said today that President of Microsoft Indonesia Andreas Diantoro has confirmed that when Windows 9 arrives it will be a free upgrade for Windows 8/8.1 users.

Diantoro says that users will be able to download the new version and install it with ease, in a similar way to how Apple lets OS X users upgrade. It seems that those running older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, will miss out. That will be a disappointment to some Windows 7 users who have avoided upgrading to Windows 8 and were hoping that Windows 9 would be the OS they have wanted the eighth version of the platform to be.

source: Detik

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