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HTC One M8 EYE to ditch 4MP lens for a 13MP one

News by Luke Jones on Saturday September 27, 2014.

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One M8 UltraPixel
One M8 UltraPixel

HTC has broken tradition in terms of camera technology on its smartphones by not engaging in a megapixel war with rivals, at least on flagship handsets. Much like Apple, the Taiwanese company has a less is more policy and even goes lower than Cupertino with the 4 megapixel UltraPixel camera on the HTC One M8. This rear snapper made its debut on the original HTC One in 2013 and the company insists it is a better mobile photo taking solution than rivals such as Samsung, Sony, and LG.

However, while the UltraPixel does some things very well, it is frustrating in other aspects and is not the best performer in low lights. HTC has for the most part stuck by its snapper, but tellingly has reserved it for its flagship only. While the company had some camera innovation on the One M8 in the form of a dual lens that adds depth sensing and the ability to edit foreground and background, there was a feeling that the UltraPixel was starting to let the package down.

The company has a camera focused press event at the start of October that is said to be set aside for the launch of a GoPro style camera. However, reports are circulating that the company is also getting ready to launch a new variant of the One M8 flagship, the so-called One M8 EYE. This handset will get rid of the UltraPixel lens and replace it with a 13 megapixel one, with the dual lens capability still in evidence.

This is essentially the same set up as other recent high end HTC smartphones, so the company is climbing down a bit here. The 4MP UltraPixel just does not have a high enough resolution for many people's taste and the company is caving to demand. It is trying to cover it by saying this is an all new camera focused version of the One M8, but there is nothing here that HTC is not already using on other handsets.

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