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Oppo offers plastic or metal choice for upcoming N3

News by Luke Jones on Saturday September 27, 2014.

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Metal is winning the premium war. Smartphones constructed from metal are deemed more luxurious than those carved from plastic, whether that's the case or not. There are plenty of quality plastic devices out there, but HTC and Apple have pushed the metal is better banner and other companies are following suit, even Samsung. The latest to offer a bit of cold metal premium is Oppo, the Chinese company that likes a whacky camera setup.

However, Oppo has decided to sit on the fence in terms of plastic vs. metal and has said that consumers will be able to choose the material of their N3. The company has said there will be a choice between plastic, and not one, but two different metals for customers buying the upcoming smartphone. The metal choices will be aluminum lithium alloy or stainless steel.

Aluminum lithium alloy is the lightest alloy available (according to Oppo) and will make the N3 both stronger and lighter. The Chinese company has not said what different price tiers respective materials will fall under, but it is hard to see why everyone will not just go for the Aluminum lithium alloy option.

So, while Apple and HTC may be the trend setters in terms of all metal designs, they are certainly not alone anymore, and with Oppo you even get a choice if you happen to love plastic.

The N3 will lose the 260 degree flipping camera from the N1 and will instead get a tube that runs portrait along the top of the device. This tube will house two speakers and in the center a turning camera that looks as though its can turn 180 degrees within the tube, once again giving selfie friendly users the full rear camera experience.

source: Oppo Facebook

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