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LG has a new 3G smartwatch in the works

News by Luke Jones on Friday September 26, 2014.

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The FCC image
The FCC image

LG has a new smartwatch in the works that will follow in Samsung's footsteps by having a 3G modem built in. The device showed up online today after it passed through the FCC for approval.

LG's smartwatch output so far has gone something like this. We hear a device is on the way and get excited, then it launches and we are disappointed, and then finally accept that it's a decent but wholly unspectacular effort. Take the original G Watch for example, it was rumoured to be the Nexus smartwatch, which was interesting. It arrived at Google I/O and was not a Nexus and was a little boring in fact, but after using it a bit we realized it is actually like most other smartphones, no better or no worse.

The G Watch R was similar. When it was announced it looked like a sexy rival to the Moto 360, but then LG launched it and we found it was nice, but not THAT nice. It has not been released yet, but I suspect the G Watch R will do all the good things smartwatches do, but will also do all the bad.

That leads me onto the new device. It has showed up in a FCC document and has passed through the regulatory body that gives products the okay to be released in the US. The filing shows that it has support for CMDA 3G connectivity, meaning it will probably not need to be tethered to a smartphone to function. Samsung released a similar device at IFA this month, the Gear S, a wearable that makes and receives calls, messages, and emails without a smartphone.

Along with the document there was a very basic drawing of what looks to be the devices back panel, showing the FCC certification code and the shape of the product. It seems the smartwatch will be oval in shape.

source: G for Games

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