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Samsung says the Note Edge is a limited concept

News by Luke Jones on Thursday September 25, 2014.

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The Galaxy Note Edge
The Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung is a company that does not innovate, or so we are told. I am hardly Samsung's biggest fan, but I call creating a whole new category (phablets) and pioneering such features as the S Pen stylus and the project YOUM bendy screen innovative. Take the Galaxy Note Edge for example, this is a device that is new, fresh, and has never been done before. That doesn't mean it is a success, but who says innovation needs to hit a home run; the device is cutting... ahem, edge and that should be applauded.

The general consensus when first viewing the Note Edge that it is a nice idea and probably an area of the mobile world that has a future, but not yet. The folding screen on one side still feels like an area that is unexplored and Samsung's device is nascent and probably a touch ineffective. It turns out the company knows this and that?s of course the reason why the Note Edge arrived alongside the Note 4 and was not the Note 4.

There is little doubt that Samsung at least has aspirations to make this folding screen tech a part of its smartphone range per norm, and who knows, perhaps one day even full on bendy handsets are also part of the big plan. Today is another matter though, and the company has described the Note Edge as a limited concept phone, suggesting that getting one will not be easy and they will not be mass produced.

We can also add in the factor that the Note Edge is not easy to produce, so it is clearer to see why Samsung is not going all guns blazing with this device. This is a company famed for flooding the market, but on this occasion it was a welcome addition. A concept yes, and although it is tired, if Apple had done this the world would currently be imploding with praise and Cupertino back slapping.

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