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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sells out in Korea, take that Apple

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday September 23, 2014.

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Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 4

In this writer's humble opinion, Samsung has done well to avoid going toe to toe with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by not launching its Galaxy Note 4 at the same time. The company has been much lower key with its phablet device, but as the iPhones have been stealing the limelight, breaking records, and causing chaos in the pants of Apple fan boys everywhere, the Note 4 has been waiting.

In South Korea, Samsung's home, the Galaxy Note 4 has been up for pre-order sales and has been having iPhone levels of success, because the handset has sold out during its pre-order run. We wrote earlier how Samsung is supposedly running scared of Apple and will bring the shipping date for the new phablet from the scheduled mid-October to September 26th instead.

However, why would Samsung be scared if it has already sold out of pre-order units? In terms of Korea, the Galaxy Note 4 has done its job, becoming a hit and selling out. There is the small caveat that Samsung has not said how much inventory it had available for pre-orders, but I suspect it was a suitably healthy number. Nothing like the 4 million iPhone 6's sold in 12 hours of pre-orders, but enough to give the company hope that the Note 4 can compete against Apple around the globe.

Korea is not that litmus test (it's stacked in Samsung's favor), but the market there does suggest that the Note 4 will at least become a hit in its own right. Of course, after developing the best phablets on the market for the last three years that should never have really been in doubt.

source: Metro Seoul

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