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Google now requires developers to make their physical address public

News by Luke Jones on Friday September 19, 2014.

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Google has made some controversial changes to its requirements for app developers, now insisting that each one provides an actual physical address when filling in their app details page. The new rule was spotted by Jared Rummler, of JRummy Apps, who detailed the change of policy in a Google+ post and showed an image of the requirement as it is in the terms and conditions.

The new practise will come into play on September 30th and will be for all developers, whether they are building free or paid apps. The app details section will now need a real mailing address that will be viewable by everyone who visits the app page. Developers have long had to provide their address details to Google, but Mountain View never made the details public, although most apps have physical address locations for the developer after they have been downloaded.

This new development means that anyone visiting the normal app page in the Google Play Store will now be able to view the physical mailing address. The result of that is a load of worried developers concerned about spammers and even some forms of address based identity fraud. Rummler commented on this when he said that he had already received a letter threatening his life over his app and it would even mean people could turn up at the given address.

Some would argue that the change means developers will be forced to make better quality apps as the trail back to them is more public. While this move has been met with controversy, Google's move is fairly standard business practise, despite what some developers may say.

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