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Steve Wozniak likes the iPhone 6 and will ditch Android

News by Luke Jones on Friday September 19, 2014.

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Woz has one of these
Woz has one of these

Apple co-founder and the general tech brains behind Steve Job's passion and drive, Steve Wozniak, has given his verdict on the iPhone 6 and seems to have given the device a thumbs up. That may seem a given, the company co-founder liking the newest product, but those familiar with "Woz?s" history will know that him liking an iPhone is a big deal.

Wozniak is no longer involved with Apple aside from owning shares in the company, and while the Cupertino giant is close to his heart he has never been shy about bashing the company. That ranges from criticizing the general direction of the brand or openly admitting that he chooses to use an Android device because the screen was bigger.

A technophile, Wozniak has several handset, but they are not iPhones. Asked at an airport yesterday what he thinks of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Wozniak seemed to be pleased with the new smartphones.

"I got rid of all my Androids."

So, Wozniak is a fan. Are there any other Android fans out there who are thinking of converting to iOS now that Apple has bumped the screen size of the iPhone? As for the video, we would post it, but the reporter asking the questions was incredibly annoying, and it was TMZ.

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