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Cool infographic shows every facet of the iPhone 6 production

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday September 17, 2014.

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We have been sent this fantastic infographic by CompareCamp.com that breaks down the entire iPhone 6 manufacturing process and shows why and how Apple build its all-conquering flagship. It is no surprise to see that the focus of production is on China, but while many thinks that is because of labour costs and cost effective measures, that is not necessarily the case.

For example, it would only cost $4 more per iPhone for the device to be manufactured in the US, but the cost of setting up the production lines and the workforce would be too much. The graphic also shows how easily other workforces can be mobilized compared to the US, with Chinese workers able to produce more units more quickly.

It also reveals where Apple sources its materials and components from and which countries are the most involved in the production, roll out, marketing, and sales of the iPhone 6. On top of that, we get a closer look at Apple's practices in terms of fair trade and workers' rights.

While this is certainly iPhone focused, we would urge you to have a look even if you do not like Apple. This infographic certainly shows the reasons why most companies choose Chinese manufacturers, and we imagine this would be a similar story for most major smartphone companies right now.

A big thank you to CompareComp.com for the good work.

CompareCamp.com infographic
CompareCamp.com infographic

source: CompareCamp.com

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