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Android Silver killed by Google and bearing fruit in Nexus

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday September 17, 2014.

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Earlier in the year we were all writing obituaries for Google's Nexus line of hardware devices as it was widely reported that the company was nixing the range. It was thought that the Android Silver project would be replacing the Nexus branding as Google sought to move into a new high end space. With new Nexus devices imminent, the rumour has been exploded and it now looks as though Google will instead kill off Android Silver.

I wrote at the time that it was unlikely Google would end Nexus as the company has always stood behind the brand. However, the appearance of Android Silver put it under threat. You could be forgiven for not even knowing what Android Silver is, as it has never born the fruit of an actual device, so it is still merely an in company Google project.

Silver was said to be a breakaway of the Nexus ethos of offering affordable products and would see Google's new hardware built of premium materials and with the best specs available. Google has laid some serious groundwork too and was already developing hardware and even planning to have dedicated Android Silver booths in retails locations.

However, it was reported last month that the project had stalled when Nikesh Arora left Mountain View, and today it seems that Android Silver has been killed for good. As I predicted way back when, the Silver project will now simply be folded into Nexus and that earlier brand will continue to fly Google's flag in the hardware space. Of course, it could be the case that it was always the plan that Silver would become Nexus and that the project was merely a codename for a Nexus development stage.

What does seem apparent is that the upcoming batch of new Nexus products will bear some of the Android Silver hallmarks, such as high end design and the latest and greatest specs. The HTC built Nexus 9 tablet is said to boast a metal body and the best slate specs, while the Motorola built Nexus 6 smartphone is rumoured to be a true flagship handset whereas the Nexus 4 and 5 were slightly watered down. So, while Android Silver may never see the light of day as a consumer brand, it seems its tentacles have found their way into Nexus.

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