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4 million iPhone 6 units sold, the Plus could be more popular

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday September 16, 2014.

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iPhone 6
iPhone 6

Apple, rivals, and consumers all knew that the iPhone 6 launch would be huge and would likely crush all previous records. It has proven the case as Cupertino has released its figures for the pre-order stage of the iPhone 6 roll out (the device ships from September 18th) and the numbers are indeed huge. However, there is a trend that points to the larger iPhone 6 being more popular.

The iPhone 6 proper is a 4.7-inch screened smartphone, but it was joined at launch by the iPhone 6 Plus, a handset that is bigger, more expensive, but gets a Retina HD display. Apple has confirmed that together the two smartphones broke 4 million pre-orders in just 24 hours, a massive number. To put that into perspective, if most companies sold that many single devices over a whole quarter they would see it as having a successful handset.

Apple?s numbers truly are staggering and not even Samsung can generate this kind of heat from a device to device viewpoint. However, early reports are pointing to there being more demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, which is a little rub in the face for Apple and proves that perhaps Samsung was right about large smartphones. The Korean company was the first to go big in terms of smartphone screens and Apple has been slow to follow suit. If the iPhone 6 is a compromise, the iPhone 6 Plus is Apple saying "if you want it, we'll supply it" and going against its ethos and caving to consumer demand.

Nothing wrong with that at all, but it will sting the purists a little who have always argued that the 5+ inch form factor is too big. No amount of sliding screen one hand usability can stop this from seeming like Apple had to go big because everyone else did, a rare thing for a company not used to being a sheep.

That aside, Cupertino has another monster success, the biggest ever arguably and certainly more than the 2 million united sold by iPhone 5 when it launched. Of course, we are still yet to have the endless lines of crazy, screaming Apple fans lining up outside stores for the bricks and mortar launch. Expect things to get crazy.

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