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How to backup and delete you current iPhone before buying the iPhone 6

News by admin on Friday September 12, 2014.

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iPhone 5s
iPhone 5s

You watched Apple's iPhone 6 launch event, you are a long time iPhone fan, and you thought that you would like to replace your old iPhone for the latest and greatest. As the clock strikes midnight tonight you will be able to pre-order the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and have it on September 18th. However, how do you ensure that you are doing everything right when trading in your old iPhone, and keeping your data safe?

With this MobileBurn guide, that's how.

Backing up

Before wiping your current iPhone, you will want to make sure that you backup your data, or you will risk losing that photo of the dog playing in the park, your favourite song/video, or Flappy Bird. You could also lose your contacts and other important data if you do not lose anything when deleting.

The iPhone has an automatic backup to the iCloud service, but is surprising the amount of people who do not know this, or do not use it. To check if your automatic iCloud backups are on, you can check via:

Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup If this setting is enabled, you can check the time stamp on the last backup, but be warned that sometimes it can be up to two weeks old because an iPhone only backs itself up when it is locked, plugged in, or connected to Wi-Fi. Just to make sure, you can create a backup there and then by selecting "Back up Now".

Perhaps you have too much data for the free 5GB iCloud option or you simply do not want to store your data and files in the cloud. If that is the case you can back up your iPhone on your computer using iTunes. Syncing the device when connected will do it, but you can also click:

File>Device>Back Up

To get the backup underway, right click the iPhone and select "Backup Now". Once you are sure that you have stored any data that is precious to you and have backed up your device, you can go ahead and wipe it, delete everything, and restore it to factory settings. This is an extremely easy process and involves you heading to:


Once in the Reset menu, select "Erase all Content and Settings". The feature will ask you if you are sure you want to go ahead, while those using iOS 7 will be asked to enter their Apple ID to prevent the Find My Phone anti-theft measures kicking in.

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