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Blackberry targets iOS 8 in new Fact Check

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday September 10, 2014.

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The Passport could drive Blackberry in enterprise
The Passport could drive Blackberry in enterprise

With iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, Apple is claiming it has the best productivity and enterprise smartphone, especially now that Apple Pay takes care of NFC mobile payments. However, the king of mobile enterprise has a few things to say about that and Blackberry has delivered a "Fact Check" slideshow to compare its own BB10 operating system with Apple's iOS 8.

The Canadian company takes quotes Apple has made about the iOS 8 ecosystem and has reasoned why Blackberry delivers Cupertino's boasts in a better way. The slideshow reveals why Blackberry should be the go to company for security, productivity, and data/device management, although the truth is the iPhone 6 and indeed a number of other smartphones on Android can deliver most of the things that Blackberry claims.

Of course, the crux of the argument is that Blackberry does them better, has been doing them longer, and has more dedicated services to get them done. Sure, Blackberry is the big enterprise player in the mobile space, but there is no doubt that the company understands the threat Apple poses, especially now that Cupertino has teamed up with IBM in an enterprise targeted partnership.

It makes sense for Blackberry to meet iOS 8 head on like this, because enterprise is all the company has at the moment so has to play to its strengths. The upcoming Blackberry Passport will give the struggling brand its first piece of serious flagship hardware in a while and it will need to hit a chord with business and productivity minded users if Blackberry is to maintain a grip in enterprise.

source: Blackberry Fact Check

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