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Benchmark reveals iPhone 6 processer specs ahead of launch

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday September 09, 2014.

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The iPhone 6 will be quicker
The iPhone 6 will be quicker

The iPhone 6 has shown up for another benchmark result today, revealing some of the finer details about Apple's smartphone. Of course, the new iPhone is set to land later today in a huge launch event, and we will be on hand every step of the way to give you the details from the day. However, if you simply can't wait and want to know what hardware the new iPhone 6 is packing, do read on.

The device is running an ARM based processer that is likely the A8, a chipset that some have speculated will give this year?s iPhone 6 more power than previous models. That is undoubtedly true, but Apple will not derive the power from performance boosting, but will instead rely on the A8's power saving capabilities. The result is a configuration that does not come with 2GB of RAM, but will instead get the more modest 1GB of RAM.

That of course seems low next to Android juggernauts that pack 3GB of RAM and huge performing Qualcomm processers, but iOS and the iPhone has always been lighter on their feet, and again that lowly 1GB of RAM will undoubtedly be enough, while the unimpressive on paper 1.4GHz clock speed for the A8 should also translate well to device. In other, words, the iPhone 6 will certainly not be a slow performing smartphone.

source: G For Games

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