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Apple's iPhone 6 launch rumour roundup

News by Luke Jones on Monday September 08, 2014.

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iPhone 6
iPhone 6

IFA was huge last week, while there have also been massive launches from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and everyone in between during this year, but tomorrow the biggest of them all will happen. Yes, tomorrow Apple will be launching its new iPhone/s in front of the world's media and millions of onlive viewers. Whatever you think of Cupertino, new iPhone launches have become the biggest tech events of the year and tomorrow will be the biggest yet.

So, without further ado, we should have a look at what to expect from tomorrow's event.

There will probably be two iPhones

Last year Apple delivered two new iPhones in the shape of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. On September 9th the company will replace the iPhone 5s with the iPhone 6, Cupertino's newest flagship smartphone. However, there is unlikely to be a new iPhone 5c as Apple will probably keep its budget offering the same until next year.

There will still be two new handsets launched though, with the iPhone 6 being joined by a much larger iPhone phablet. According to several reports, the main device will be a 4.7-inch smartphone that will carry the iPhone 6 name. The larger handset will be called the iPhone 6 Plus and will be 5.5-inches.

Why the bump in screen size?

Even if the iPhone 6 was to land on its own, it would be comfortably the biggest smartphone Apple has ever made. The iPhone 5s is just 4-inches and there has been a clamour for a few years that Apple needed to join its competitors and have a lager screen device. Cupertino has often said that 4-inches is an ideal form factor for a smartphone, but changing times forced the company's hand. The iPhone 6 is the compromise; 4.7-inch is not as unwieldy as most Android monsters, but it is much larger than any iPhone that has gone before.

As for the iPhone 6 Plus, at 5.5-inches it is Apple saying "if you want big, we?ll give it to you". However, it will be niche filling and will certainly not be the core handset in Apple's arsenal as that distinction will go to the 4.7-inch variant.

iPhone 6

Aside from the 4.7-inch Retina Display, the iPhone 6 will get a new A8 processer and while some reports say it will have 2GB of RAM it could stick with the 1GB found in the 5s. Touch ID will be back in attendance and could be joined by Apple's own take on NFC mobile payment, while I expect the battery and camera to have been given an upgrade too.

In terms of design, the 6 is not going to radically change your perception of the iPhone. It will for the most part carry the general design language that has always been present, but if unofficial renders are anything to go by (they probably aren't) then this could be the sexiest iPhone ever.

iPhone 6 Plus

While there is much less information available on the iPhone 6 Plus (even the name is not concrete) it is thought that the handset is certain to land tomorrow. It has shown up in production dummy models and components from the handset have arrived alongside the iPhone 6 proper. As for specs, it will get a 5.5-inch Retina Display, but all of its other specs are likely to match the normal iPhone 6 to the finest of detail.

That will also be the case with the design, with the iPhone 6 Plus retaining the overall look of the standard sized 6, just with a bigger form factor.

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