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Motorola announces launch date of stainless steel Moto 360

News by Luke Jones on Monday September 08, 2014.

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The metal 360 is the one most want
The metal 360 is the one most want

The Motorola Moto 360 is the best looking smartwatch, right? It has become a given, the round faced wearable offers a premium tinge to a market that has struggled to find its aesthetic feet. Sure, LG's G Watch R tries its best but falls short, but the 360 is the real deal. However, the 360 launched last week felt a little incomplete because it was rolled out with only the leather strap available.

Yes, I get it, that seems a little shallow, but the fact is the metal strap version of the Moto 360 is much better looking than the leather one; it is the variant everyone wanted. Motorola confirmed during the Chicago based launch event that the Moto 360 with a stainless steel strap would arrive next month, but it turns out we will have to wait a little longer.

Verizon has confirmed that that particular version of the wearable will be available on November 11th and as Motorola said last week it will cost $50 more than the leather 360. That means the new variant will be $300 instead of $250.

It you already have the leather strap version of the Moto 360 and want to get in on the stainless steel version then you will be able to buy the strap separately, although it will cost you $80 to do so. The problem with this is, $80 is a lot to pay for a strap, while some may even feel put out by the extra $50 added to the full stainless steel Moto 360, considering that changing the current strap for almost any stainless steel third party strap is possible.

source: Android Police

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