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HTC has cancelled its smartwatch

News by Luke Jones on Saturday September 06, 2014.

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The rumoured HTC smartwatch
The rumoured HTC smartwatch

HTC did not have a lot to say at IFA this year; while rival companies launched smartphones and smartwatches, the Taiwanese company only had the Desire 820 to show off. So what about its smartwatch? HTC has been rumoured to be launching a wearable this year and IFA could have been the platform for the release. However, it now seems as though the HTC smartwatch will not arrive at all, at least not any time soon.

According to several sources the company has decided to cancel plans to release its smartwatch because it thinks there will be a lack of demand for the device. Sales of smartwatches are not substantial enough to support a huge multi-company market, but yet most main tech players are entering the wearable space. Reports say HTC thinks that most devices in this niche look the same and definitely perform the same, so will avoid releasing its smartwatch because of lack of differentiation.

In other words, HTC does not want to release a product that people have seen before just for the sake of it. There are two ways to look at this decision when trying to assess whether it is legitimate. Firstly, HTC's wearable was thought to have been in the later stages of development so why would the company halt it now, the cost of cancelling the project would be high. It is not as though the company can return to its device in a year's time as the hardware would look dated. HTC will of course now also miss out on grabbing some vital market share and presence in a new but growing market. When the company finally arrives in the wearable space, it will be as a late player whatever happens now, holding back a release will exasperate that.

Secondly, and contrasting the first point is that HTC is correct to hold off on releasing its smartwatch. The Android Wear market is not bustling with variation because the software is uniform, and even smartwatches in general are hard to differentiate because they all do the same things and have the same features as smartphone companions.

We have reached out to HTC and asked the company to shed some light on its wearable plans for the future.

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