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Sony does it differently with the SmartWatch 3

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday September 03, 2014.

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The SmartWatch 3
The SmartWatch 3

Sony has been making wearable devices before its rivals (even Samsung) arrived on the scene, but with Android Wear bringing more companies into the game, the Japanese giant has updated its flagship smartwatch. Announced at IFA in Berlin today, the SmartWatch 3 is Sony's latest wearable and is the first the company has made to run Google's Android Wear platform.

I am not sure if it was a conscience move on Sony's part, but the company seems to be going against the grain for what is happening in the wearable market right now. Companies are looking for ways to make their smartwatches more desirable, more premium, and more like a normal timepiece. However, the SmartWatch 3 throws out the stainless steel, round faces, and leather, replacing them all for an all in one rubberized affair.

The device is not ugly per say, but it is not oozing premium quality and sartorial elegance either. That said, Sony is clearly aiming for a sport look here, which is why I think the company intended to eschew the current trend in the market. Possibly the company sees more consumers coming its way from the fitness arena so is gearing the SmartWatch 3 to them. Either way, you will not be wearing this to a make or break formal business lunch.

Spec wise, the SmartWatch 3 is normal Android Wear stuff, a 320 x 320, 4GB of built-in storage, and a quad-core 1.2GHz processor powered by a 420mAh battery. Again, nothing to set the device apart, although there are some unique software touches here. For example, Sony said there will be a Walkman app for music listening, while the SmartWatch 3 will also be able to be used as a remote control.

Underwhelming would be a solid description of this device, and at $229.99 (launching this fall) it is not a bargain either.

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