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2015 is the due date for the iWatch, mystery deepens

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday September 02, 2014.

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Will Apple ever launch the iWatch?
Will Apple ever launch the iWatch?

We reported on the weekend that Apple's much anticipate iWatch was finally close to being a reality as the company could launch it alongside the iPhone 6 next week. However, while that is still entirely possible, DigiTimes is reporting today that the device is not ready for launch and will not arrive until 2015.

According to the report, the iWatch is ready for production, with components named as "entering production" but the product itself is still at engineer verification test stage (EVT). This stage of the development process means that Apple can still make changes to the product if it wishes without losing any production inventory. This means the iWatch is still a couple of months at least away from being ready and has not event entered the production verification test (PVT) stage where parts a finalized and production begins.

DigiTimes says Apple has not even placed component orders yet, which means that any launch this year is extremely unlikely. There are certainly some conflicting reports going on at the moment though, with other sources (including my own) hinting that the iWatch will make an appearance at the iPhone 6 launch event on September 9th.

Perhaps the iWatch will be announced during the event, but as "coming 2015"? We will have to see next week.

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