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ASUS CEO confirms ZenWatch at under $200

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday September 02, 2014.

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The ZenWatch
The ZenWatch

Ahead of its IFA 2014 event ASUS has confirmed that it is launching a smartwatch and that it will cost under $200. CEO of Asus Jerry Shen said in a Taiwanese media briefing that the device will be called the ZenWatch and it will be launched at IFA this week but will not be rolled out to the market until October. Shen also managed to hint that the wearable will be available across the globe and will not be limited to Asia and emerging markets.

Shen said that the ZenWatch will have English voice activation built in, which suggests that it is heading for the US. We expected as much as the device packs Android Wear. Judging from the admittedly vague teaser images, the ZenWatch is a basic looking smartwatch, no premium materials and rounds faces to be seen. That would the nicely with reports that the device will be the most affordable Android Wear device yet.

During the briefing Shen apparently confirmed that the wearable would cost under $200, which for obvious reasons we hope doesn't mean $199.99. Previous reports have suggested that a price tag of between $100 and $150, but then wouldn't Shen have said the device will cost under $150? Either way, if ASUS can get the device to market under $150 then they could be on to a winner, but anything higher and there are roadblocks ahead.

While anything under $200 would make the ZenWatch cheaper than retail price for current Android Wear device like the LG G Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live (both $229), those two products are now reduced at $179. ASUS needs to find a way to undercut those rivals in terms of price if the ZenWatch is to gain market traction, or at least that's the perception.

ASUS will be taking to the stage at IFA this week and we will be bringing you all the news from the event.

source: 9to5google

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