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Apple planning NFC competitor with finance heavyweights

News by Luke Jones on Monday September 01, 2014.

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Touch ID could be a big part of Apple
Touch ID could be a big part of Apple

We have heard plenty of rumours about the iPhone 6 arriving with NFC for contactless payment, which would make Apple very late to this method. Cupertino has long held out against NFC while all of its rivals on Android and beyond have included the technology. Now Apple may be planning its own contactless payment method and will team up with a number of heavy hitting companies to deliver it.

Apple has long thought that NFC is not the answer to mobile payment methods, and to include it on the iPhone 6 would be a huge step down for the company. So rumours of a Near Field Communication chip on the new iPhone seem a little unlikely, and indeed I would be shocked to see the tech on an "i" device.

It has always made more sense for Apple to come up with its own system, especially as the company handles its own closed ecosystem. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s (which will be retained this year) made this outcome even more likely, and that may be the case with a new Cupertino structured mobile payment method.

Reports today say that Apple has teamed up with heavyweight companies American Express, VISA, and MasterCard for its NFC like project. Of course, Cupertino entering the fray in any manner will make Apple and instant force in the m-payment market, but with the finance giants behind it then we expect big things.

The details of the feature are not yet know, but we imagine Apple will run us through the specifics during the launch of the iPhone 6 on September 9th.

source: Into Mobile

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