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Device guide for IFA

Editorial by Luke Jones on Monday September 01, 2014.

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The LG G Watch R is set for IFA
The LG G Watch R is set for IFA

Last week we brought you a guide to IFA and what the companies had planned, but with the Berlin trade show just around the corner we thought we should look at some of the devices rolling out later this week. So, without further ado, here is our device guide for IFA 2014.

Covered in this guide are ASUS, HTC, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony. If there are any more companies or devices we have missed, let us know what you are looking forward to at IFA.


Smartwatch - The Taiwanese company has sent out teasers for this device, so we know it is coming and from what we have seen know it is square. So, no premium round faced wearable here, but nevertheless, the ASUS smartwatch is reportedly packing the exact same hardware and software (Android Wear) as the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, but could cost under $150. We are excited to see what ASUS has managed to do with this.

PadFone X Mini - Not much is known about this handset other than its going to be an AT&T exclusive. That pegs it for the US market, so unless ASUS has an international version planned, we can?t see this making an appearance at IFA.


There are plenty of rumours suggesting that HTC will launch its much anticipated smartwatch at IFA this year, but my source within the company denied this. Considering the company has not scheduled an event, has sent no invites, and has offered no teasers, we can conclude that the Taiwanese company's presence at IFA will be minimum.

Sure, HTC will be in attendance, but do not expect a blockbuster reveal, with a floor launch of something like the 64-bit Snapdragon 615 Desire 820 the most likely.


Ascend D7 - The big buzz around Huawei is the Ascend D7, the company's latest phablet flagship. The 6-inch device will boast a Quad HD screen and will also get a Kirin 920 octa-core chip that includes four Cortex A15's and four power saving Cortex A7's. This smartphone is also rumoured to be getting a second depth sensor camera lens, a-la the HTC One M8.

Ascend Mate 3 - While the D7 will be the star of the show, the Ascend Mate 3 is also likely to make an appearance. This handset will be mid-range, but just like the Ascend D7, we cannot see why Huawei is bothering to launch either handset at IFA considering both will not leave China or Asia. Or does the company have a surprise about availability?


G Watch R - LG left it late to confirm it would play a big role at IFA, but the company finally revealed the G Watch R last week. This round faced wearable is a true rival to the Motorola Moto 360 and will instantly become one of the most desirable smartwatches on the market. LG has already laid out all the details, so expect nothing more than a confirmation and a closer look at the wearable at IFA.

G3 - Wait a minute, hasn't this already been done? Well yes, the G3 flagship launched a few months ago, but LG could have something to say about a European version of the 64-bit variant that launched in Korea last month.


Nokia Lumia 730 - An updated version of the Lumia 720, the 730 will be another moderately spec'd handset that will run Windows Phone 8.1 (Cortana and all) and we are guessing will come in some funky colors. The marketing trip behind this smartphone is that it has a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens, making it a selfie phone apparently.

Nokia Lumia 830 - The Lumia 830 will be Microsoft's new mid-range handset that will have a 4.5 or4.7-inch IPS 720p panel with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2GB of RAM. It is also reported to have a metal chassis, but that has yet to be confirmed, which is what IFA is for I guess.


Galaxy Note 4 - There is no getting away from it, this is the biggest launch of IFA this year and easily the most anticipated device at the event. The Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung's latest flagship phablet, and we think it is safe to say that it will be a smartphone tour de force. We have dealt with the rumours of folding three sided screens and eye scanners, so let's just focus on what the Note 4 will be. That is a performance beast, professional looking, and probably very expensive.

Gear VR - Samsung's virtual reality headset is also likely to make an appearance at IFA and while it will be impressive, we expect nothing more than a demonstration in Berlin.

Galaxy Gear S - Samsung's latest smartwatch will probably get a little lost this week with the round faced Moto 360 and G Watch R launching. However, while this cannot match those rivals from a design perspective, the Gear S is more innovative. It features a 3G modem built in, meaning users can receive and make calls and will not rely on smartphone as much as other wearable products in this niche.


Xperia Z3 - Sony will be the busiest company at IFA as it will probably update all of its core high end lines, chief among which will be the Xperia Z3. The Z3 has been leaked plenty, so we know it is an update of the current Z2 flagship in looks and specs.

SmartWatch 3 - Sony is one of the company's that started the Android wearable trend and the company is hitting back against all the newcomers with the SmartWatch 3. We imagine the Japanese will have to drastically improve the rather weak previous efforts if it is to stand out from an increasingly crowded market.

Xperia Z3 Compact - The Mini version of the Z3 flagship will pack the same processor, camera, and software as the daddy of the range, but may lose some screen resolution. That said, expect the Z3 Compact to be among the best small form factor smartphones on the market.

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