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Apple to appeal Samsung sales ban decision

News by Luke Jones on Saturday August 30, 2014.

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The Galaxy S3 is one of the device Apple has a problem with
The Galaxy S3 is one of the device Apple has a problem with

Apple's legal battle with Samsung shows no signs of stopping as Cupertino is still unhappy with the terms of its victory over the Korean giant. The long saga took a new twist this week after a decision was made to deny Apple's request for a sales ban on several Samsung devices in the US.

The two biggest vendors in the mobile space have been at legal loggerheads for a number of years, with Apple accusing Samsung on multiple occasions of infringing on patents. For the most part, the courts have agreed with Cupertino and have punished Samsung on several occasions, while the Korean company has hardly vehemently denied the accusations either.

However, despite winning over $1 billion damages across multiple litigations, Apple is unhappy with the terms of Samsung's punishment. The company says it has lost market share and money that cannot be calculated because of Samsung's infringements. Cupertino has consistently sought to get the compensation payment that Samsung pays higher, while the company has also called for a sales ban on devices that infringe the patents in question.

This week a judge denied Apple's request for such a ban and said that Samsung would only have to pay the original compensation of $119.6 million as opposed to the $2 billion Apple wanted. Cupertino said it will appeal the decision and pursue further a sales ban, which is thought would impact the hugely successful but aging Samsung Galaxy S3 the most.

A small bit of progress was made earlier in the month as both companies agreed to end all litigations against each other outside of the US. However, it seems that Apple is digging its heels in within its home market.

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