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LG G Watch R to be expensive, arrives in October

News by Luke Jones on Friday August 29, 2014.

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The G Watch R
The G Watch R

LG officially unveiled the G Watch R a couple of days ago, the company's second smartwatch and one of the first wearable products in its niche to have a round face. On design alone, the G Watch R instantly became one of the most desirable smartwatches (alongside Motorola's also round Moto 360). However, LG did not reveal the release details for the device, and more importantly kept the price quiet too. Several reports today are changing that as the price and availability of the G Watch R has leaked.

Luckily the information was leaked by an official LG source too, which of course helps when deciding if it is the real deal or not. LG Germany unveiled the price and launch dates for the G Watch R in the country, giving us an idea how much it will cost in other markets too. The company?s press release states that the G Watch R will be released in October and will cost 299 Euros.

We should look at that release date first, as it clearly means that right now the G Watch R is not ready. That would make sense as to why we have only seen renders of the device so far, sure it will probably make a physical appearance at IFA, but this device is not ready for launch. When the product first emerged, I wrote that Motorola may have made a mistake waiting to launch the Moto 360 as the G Watch R could land and steal its thunder. The 360 arrives in a couple of weeks to purchase, so if this October launch for LG's wearable holds true, Motorola's product will have a few weeks before it has a serious round faced rival.

However, the price of the G Watch R may also be problematical for LG. At 299 Euros the G Watch R is on the higher end of the market, in fact it would be comfortably more expensive than its rivals. If the price translates exactly, it would cost nearly $400 or around 240 in the UK. Of course, prices fluctuate from market to market, but even so, it seems as though LG?s new smartwatch could cost between $300 and $350.

That could make the device at least $50, but possibly $100 more than the Moto 360, which is sure to be its biggest rival at this point. LG?s more classic watch look may appeal to you more or not, the design is subjective, but it is not $100 more wearable than the 360, of that we are sure. In fact, both products will run exactly the same Android Wear software, and both will have the same list of features and specs, almost down to the minute detail.

The original G Watch and other squared smartwatches will be $150 and in some cases $200 less expensive that the G Watch R, and again get the same features and software. Would it be worth paying the extra money to get that design?

source: LG Germany

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