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Daily Burn: LG lacks style but has a stylus, Nexus 6 flexes its muscles, and Blackberry on the right road

News by admin on Tuesday August 26, 2014.

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The LG G3 Stylus launched today
The LG G3 Stylus launched today

Is Blackberry finished or is it turning around? Is LG in love with its G3 flagship a little too much? And how will the Nexus 6 be affordable?

To find out, check out the Daily Burn and we will also fill you in on the rest of the day?s news when we're at it.

The G3 Stylus is more 3G than it is G3

LG officially launched a variant of its G3 flagship today in the form of the G3 Stylus, and in case you did not guess, it comes with a stylus. However, we are not really sure this should even be a G3 variants. Yeah, it gets the same design language and even the same UI, hell it has even got a 5.5-inch screen, but there the comparisons stop.

The device has a weak screen, extremely modest specs, and only has 3G connectivity. As for the stylus, who knows? LG says this handset will be affordable, so getting a scribbling device in the low end market could be good, but it could also be a disaster that doesn't work. Consider the jury out on the stylus and on the device as a whole.

Yes, this is a good looking budget smartphone, but I get the feeling that LG loves the G3 so much that it has decided to make every product it will ever make again look like it. Talk about watering down a brand and design, so when is the LG G3 TV coming out we wonder.

Nexus 6 is not Phone X, but it may have the X facto

Phone X is like a mythical beast that has been passed down by folklore but probably never really existed. I heard of the device back in 2012 when it was described as an utter game changer for the smartphone market, Google's tour de force that would change the industry. Two years have rolled by and Phone X has not arrived and here's the deal... it never will.

So when I heard reports that the Motorola built Nexus 6 may be called the Nexus X I chuckled to myself. It will not be, any game changing device from Google made in 2012 would look something like a Galaxy S4 today. So, let's tackle the Nexus 6 for what it is going to be, and that's probably a beast of a smartphone.

Top specs abound according to a benchmark (Snapdragon 805, 3GB of RAM, QHD screen and so on) and of course is will arrive with Android L out of the box. However, this will be high end in every single way, so how is Google going to keep the Nexus reputation of being affordable? We'll leave that one to you good readers.

Blackberry maps road to success

Blackberry's roadmap for the remainder of 2014 leaked online and showed that the company is only going to release two (very niche) smartphones this year. Some have derided this, but with the inside track Mobile Burn knows that Blackberry is planning to nail down its enterprise ambitions before focusing on the consumer market. The Passport may not be for you, but it will be a good device regardless and will speak very loudly to Blackberry's core customers. As for new devices that may tickle the consumers fancy, stick around for 2015.

Huawei breaks the ice with sapphire

Huawei will probably become the first company to make a sapphire glass device, but it will not be a new smartphone. The Chinese juggernaut will roll out a new variant of its Ascend P7 flagship and it will have a sapphire glass screen. For this privilege you will only be able to get it through a limited window in September and November from the company's website, and you will have to pay more than you would for the normal P7. Oh, and if you are outside China you can forget about it.

Samsung looking to Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the company's first device with premium build (read metal) and its 10,000th with mid-range specs. As this is Samsung, the company is now planning a whole range around the Galaxy Alpha name, with three new devices landing this year. This is just what Samsung does people.

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