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Daily Burn: Sony going under, Motorola going gimmicky, and Firefox going spicy

News by admin on Monday August 25, 2014.

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Most Sony
Most Sony

With IFA just around the corner, the smartphone and tablet arena is heating up as rumours, leaks, official information and more stream out. With a week until the Berlin based trade show, expect the Daily Burn to be on fire with all the latest news and gossip from this world of mobile.

Motorola had no surprises, but now it does

At the end of last week, there was not much else to say about Motorola. The company will be launching the Moto 360, Moto G 2, and Moto X+1 at a press event in Chicago on September 4th and all of those devices have been leaked so much that it is like we have had them in hand. Especially the Moto X+1 flagship, which last week arrived for an official looking render, had its specs leaked by some Brazilian retailer, and even had its material options spread online.

What was left? What more tricks does the X+1 have? Well, how about a 3D screen? According to reports today, the Moto X+1 will be rocking a 3D screen and all I can do is think... why? The Amazon Fire Phone has a 3D display and it is as gimmicky as 3D has always been. When you watch a 3D movie at the cinema you may think ohhh, that hand came out of the screen, but soon you are thinking that the glasses hurt and so do your eyes from zoning in and out of focus. But hey, it would work on a much smaller screen that constantly moved right? No, it doesn't, at least not yet, and if you don't believe me you can ask the ten people who have bought the Amazon Fire Phone.

So, how about a Moto Luge? That is a device Motorola has kept to itself and it will be launching with Verizon on August 28th. Sadly though, there is little to see here as the Luge is probably just a Moto G that is exclusive for Verizon's pre-paid plan customers.

Sony going under

Under water that is... boom boom... do you see what we did there? Okay, not funny, we get it. The Japanese company is apparently so happy with all it has done with advancing the need for underwater smartphones that it will make most of its mid-range and even entry level devices waterproof from now on, as well as the flagships of course.

Credit where it is due, Sony was the first to take this feature seriously and while yes, it is kind of gimmicky, it is pretty cool being able to take your $600 smartphone in the pool or shower. It will also be cool doing the same with your $200 smartphone, as Sony has told its production partners to start making it happen.

Spice up your budget life with Firefox

Firefox is in many ways the OS for the everyman. While Google wants to bring Android to the next billion people and is making strides to that, Firefox is actually able to do it now. Not that it is of course, but it is set up to do so. The latest device to land on the platform is the mouthful to say Spice Fire One Mi FX 1, a handset that checks all the Firefox OS boxes. It has basic specs, basic designs, and a basic price of just $38 in India, where it will be an exclusive.

To get serious for a second, $38 is throwaway money for most of us in western markets, so to package a true smartphone experience for that kind of money is astonishing. In emerging markets like India, $38 means something much more, but it is still accessible and it gives people the chance to get a smartphone when before they may not have been able to. There are a million more noble crusades in the world, but Firefox cannot be criticized really because it is doing what it says on the tin.

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